Superior Team � Superior Results
Since 1998, Web Yoga, a dynamic market leader, has applied perfect-fit
technology solutions to staff our clients' most challenging IT projects. With comprehensive knowledge of our clients' products and services, Web Yoga provides more than just staffing or project resources.

Understanding our clients' strategy, culture and business methodology leads us to fulfill their IT needs with custom and articulated solutions. Our results speak for themselves.  >> Fast 50  >> Case Studies

    Web Yoga�s business goals include:

    1. Offering excellence in technology solutions, utilizing automation, creativity and innovation to solve client IT issues.

    2. Providing service to our customers and affiliates, based on the principles of professionalism, integrity and the spirit of partnership.
Certifications and Classifications
  • Microsoft Certified Development Partner
  • US Federal 8A Certified
  • GSA Certified
  • State of Ohio MBE Certified
  • Greater Dayton IT Alliance Member
  • SCOMB Certified
  • BBB Member
  • SBIT Network Member
  • VSASIT Member
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    WYI Benefits
    The quality, cost-efficient alternative to offshoring.
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    The high quality, efficient compliment to onshoring.
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