ONSHORING Team Off-Site, Local to Client
Onshoring is a unique service model that provides all the benefits of outsourcing while keeping the project team within the U.S. and in close proximity to the client's location. Web Yoga's Onshoring model evaluates, defines, implements, tests and delivers mid-size projects. Since Web Yoga is responsible for variables like software licensing, facilities and infrastructure, costs are kept to a minimum.
Benefits of Onshoring include:
Lower Costs: Web Yoga's labor pool, the Offshore Development Center, provides a blended team of resources that maintain lower cost structures than traditional outsourcing models. Clients receive all the benefits of outsourcing and none of the liabilities or inefficiencies.

More Control: Onshoring places the development team within close proximity to client facilities, allowing for frequent project reviews and on-site status meetings.

Less Management Activity: Since the development is in the same time zone as the client, management activity costs are reduced.

Higher Quality: Web Yoga's Offshore and Onshore labor resources are the best available. Alleviating subtle stumbling blocks like grammar, syntax, communication and culture ensures a high rate of return on your technology investment.
OFFSHORING Best Practice Approach to Offshore Outsourcing
Web Yoga's Offshore Development Center in Hyderabad, India, provides significant cost savings for companies and projects suited for this model. Once a project fits a certain profile, Web Yoga can identify an Offshore model to execute and manage the project based on the definitions and guidelines developed. Using a Rational Unified Process for software development and industry best practices for Quality Assurance, Web Yoga can alleviate some of the risks associated with the Offshore model.
Benefits of Offshoring include:
Lower Costs: Compared to traditional outsourcing, Offshore maintains a lower cost structure by using the Offshore Development Center, a talented labor pool that allows for lower costs than traditional outsource development companies. Project development tasks, such as maintenance, legacy systems development, data conversions and task level development will yield the biggest cost advantages.
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