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Telelcom Corporation (Name Protected) "Onshoring" Case Study
After Telecom Corporation split from Hewlett-Packard Co, many key legacy systems of Telecom Corporation were being hosted on HP's infrastructure. Also, many Telecom Corporation boundary systems had a tightly coupled interface with these legacy systems.

The scope was not only to replace the legacy systems with a state-of-the-art solution but also to modify the boundary systems that had existing legacy interfaces.

We lead the effort to integrate 3 complex boundary systems with the new solution. These include an intricate resource management system for Telecom Corporation's worldwide bench operations, a worldwide calibration administration and tracking system and a Global call management system.

Customer Environment:
  • HP Servers (D to K class)
  • Vantive 8.1.5, Oracle 8i, Ingres 6.4, ESQL/C, HP-UX 10.2 and 11.0, TIBCO adaptors, Siebel 7.0
  • Aggressive timeline 12 months from start to finish.
  • Both the legacy and the new interfaces were expected to run in parallel through the stabilization phase.
  • An acute learning curve on both technologies and business processes.
  • Siebel 7.0 was chosen as the solution to replace the service delivery legacy systems. Siebel would publish the necessary data to the boundary systems through TIBCO. The boundary systems would subscribe to the data and process the same. The bench boundary systems were already running on Ingres suite of products. The call management system was a Vantive-based system.
  • Within a short time, our Onshore team architected, designed, developed and tested robust interfaces for all our systems. In addition to the assigned responsibilities, we also researched and identified a screen scraping method to transfer data from a Windows based Unix-emulator tool to Siebel screens.
  • Met all quality and timeline metrics on the project.
  • Web Yoga has been the vendor of choice for over 2 years for added development and maintenance.
  • Using Onshore development we were able to save Telecom Corporation over 21% of total cost over typical outsourcing.
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